Why I Am Not Losing Weight?


3. You Think You Eat Healthily.


Isn’t it a true drawback once you eat healthily and still don’t lose even half an inch? You stay surprised and frustrated. Take a re-assessment at your day’s meals, particularly once you are snacking or drinking beverages. Ideally, your meal ought to contain a decent supply of protein, dietary fiber, complex carbs, and healthy fats. you must get 10-35% calories from protein, 45%-65% calories from carbs, and 20%-35% calories from healthy fat. Sources of lean protein are the chicken breast, ground lean turkey, lean cuts of pork, mushroom, legumes and beans, tofu, and soy chunks. you must consume veggies and fruits to urge the desired amount of dietary fiber and complex carbs. Consume nuts, seeds, avocado, clarified butter, olive oil, flaxseed oil, flaxseed butter, etc. to supply your body with healthy fats.

Apart from this, you must monitor what you’re snacking on. That’s wherever several people go wrong. Energy drinks, prepackaged fruit and vegetable juices, soda, coffee with cream and sugar, potato wafers, ranch dip, mayonnaise, deep-fried chicken, and even overeating veggies and fruits as a snack will hinder your weight loss. to find out whether you’re eating healthy, maintain a food journal and record what you’re eating and the way much you’re eating for a week. it’ll provide you with a fair plan wherever you must build some changes or if it’s something else that’s preventing you from losing weight.

4. Your Hormones Are Going Berserk.


Hormones play a very necessary role during a woman’s life. Hormones like cortisol (released when you are stressed), ghrelin (the hunger hormone), thyroid (hypothyroidism can lead to weight gain), insulin (too much insulin within the blood can lead to insulin resistance, weight gain, and diabetes), and leptin (too much leptin within the blood and your brain is desensitized to food, and you keep eating) can wreak havoc on your health.
The worst part? initially, you’ll not even perceive that it’s your hormones that are making you eat such a lot or slowing your metabolism. talk over with a dietician or a physician and get your hormones checked. Follow their advice to balance your hormone levels. you’ll be able to conjointly read this article to find out which hormones have an effect on weight loss and what you’ll be able to do about it.


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